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About WHE
WeAre Home Educators (WHE) is a support group established in 2005 for New Hampshire homeschooling families. Families from all over central and southern NH participate in our events and field trips. Our goal is to offer support to new and veteran homeschoolers through our unique classes and field trips, and to provide opportunities to create lasting friendships for your whole family.

WHE Resources
  • Co-op classes
  • Sports
  • Parental Support Meetings 
  • Public Speaking
  • Social Events
  • Stanford Achievement Testing
  • Yearbooks
  • Year End Certificates for Portfolios
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2 thoughts on “Welcome to WHE

  1. Congratulations on completing your journey homeschooling! Unfortunately, our book sale and online curriculum sale were taken over by another group. We don’t have the time to try to work on creating another one. It might be something we bring back in the future, but for now we are taking a break.

  2. Hi! Does WHE still have an on-line curriculum sale? My kids are finished with their home school education and I have lots to sell. I have been involved with WHE in the past, but it had been a while.

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